If you’ve ever utilised Google and its services – which let’s face it, most of us have – chances are that you’ve made use of a cloud storage service known as Google Drive. It’s among the most well-known cloud storage services available, and anybody with a Google account automatically has Drive ready and waiting to use.

This is great news for Google account holders who want to keep things simple. There are no more signups or deal-making with third-party cloud storage services, making Google Drive the perfect solution for anyone who needs to share and upload files online. But what about web hosting?

That’s right: your Google Drive and Workspace content can be automatically turned into a Google Drive website. The benefits of this are palpable, which we’ll now take a look at:

1) Seamless collaboration

Much of the Google Suite has been designed with workplace collaboration in mind. Prior to the cloud, file sharing required the laborious steps of email attachments. Google became aware of this issue and set about making collaboration much easier when designing tools like Google Drive.

With Google Drive, web development teams have the ability to collaborate in a variety of ways – including having access to folders, documents and specific files at the same time. It’s a cost-effective way for teams to quite literally be on the same page without having to waste time or money on internal networking systems.

With this level of collaboration, designers and creatives can flesh out web content within Google Drive, remotely but together at the same time. Once all sets of eyes agree that a project or piece of content is ready to do, it can be uploaded in real-time.

2) Synchronisation

One of the key features of Google Drive is that it allows teams to keep documents in sync across multiple devices via the internet – so why shouldn’t this feature be used by web developers too? Overdrive allows users to keep their web content and Google Drive content in perfect synchronisation. When one is changed, the other changes automatically to match (and vice-versa).

3) Simple interface

Google has long been known for its design pedigree and desire to make the user experience as simple as possible. As a result, even those with little web-building experience can harness the power of the Google Drive UX to create online content in a matter of minutes.

Simply create your content, upload it and see your website come to life. It’s a quick, easy and seamless way to manage online web pages with the touch of a button. When it comes to updating, simply edit your Google Drive documents and watch the results synchronise on your site instantaneously.

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