When it comes to promoting crop growth, there are lots of techniques and tools available that help cultivates young plants. One of the most innovative and exciting products on the market is Take Off PGA. It’s a tried-and-tested form of a seed treatment that helps crop growth and cultivation in all of the right areas – from improved nutrient uptake to beefier root masses. In this article, we’re going to learn more about this product and discover how to increase crop yields with Take Off PGA.

What is Take Off PGA?

Take Off PGA is a seed treatment that uses two different types of biostimulants to encourage growth and establish strong, healthy crops and plants. Seed treatment solutions like Take Off PGA offer a number of benefits for crops, ranging from protecting seedlings to fending off pests. Studies have shown that Take Off PGA helps plant development in a number of ways, including:

  • Greater photosynthetic activity in crops
  • Stronger, more developed root masses
  • Better nutrient uptake and usage
  • Hardier crops that are strong enough to resist stress

How Take Off PGA seed treatment works

Take Off PGA seed treatment works by targeting the carbon dioxide fixation process in growing plants. The treatment enhances this process, allowing plants to absorb more nutrients and nitrates in the soil. This, in turn, promotes a stronger root mass and establishes the crop, making it much more robust and ready to grow.

As crops are more able to effectively uptake carbon dioxide, they have more energy to utilise the nitrogen they’re absorbing. This helps with plant efficiency and growth, as well as protecting them from stresses such as drought or severe swings in soil pH.

Why should you use Take Off PGA seed treatment?

PGA is also known as glycerate 3-phosphate, and it’s a naturally occurring chemical that plants use to facilitate the carbon cycle during development. Take Off PGA seed treatment helps speed up this cycle and in turn, strengthens the overall growth of the crop. Using this seed treatment is a great way to make crops more resilient and it ensures crop yields are as high as possible.

It only takes one litre per tonne of seed to help with crop development, so it’s an excellent choice in terms of efficiency. What’s more, it’s compatible for use with most other plant nutrition seed treatments. So you don’t have to adjust your setup when using Take Off PGA, you simply add it at the end of your existing process. Now that you know how it works, you can safely increase crop yields with Take Off PGA. It’s a truly innovative addition to your existing plan for crop development, with no notable drawbacks.

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