For many years, the printing industry has been transferring color graphic design images and printed text onto paper. The popularity of digital printing has been increasing nowadays due to the latest technique to bring good quality print at high speed.

 Nowadays, people more prefer digital printing as compare to lithographic printing. Because it can be done in using a computer and usually on inkjet printing. There are custom roll printing available that provide customize printing of your choice. You can print custom made sticker and business cards of your choice.

  • In digital printing, images are designed using computer-generated graphics in the digital printer and inkjet printer. Small spray nozzles are used to distribute the ink on the paper, Digital printing can produce quality images, or it can change graphics on each page.
  • Wherein lithographic printing, the image is burned onto a plate and then transferred onto a rubber blanket, and then the notion of the image is squeezed onto the paper. It takes lots of time to print as compared to digital printing. Digital printing can produce graphics on each page.
  • With the arrival of the desktop computer, working of data in the program. The new trend of digital printing would take over the printing industry, and it indeed changes the face of the printing industry. New digital technologies would present an enormous argument that the old forms of composition would become second-hand techniques.
  • Digital printing provides a great benefit to the people and at a reasonable cost compared to lithographic printing. Along with the changing technologies and conversion of digital printing came the increase in the small printing companies’ popularity.
  • Digital printing also offer the option of custom roll printing it provide the personalized printing of your choice. The popularity of these companies is increasing speedily due to digital printing, and it provides quick customize data transfers from the business customer with a high-speed inkjet printer. The quick print companies realized to increase the market share of this production in a short time.
  • The lithographic printing required large equipment to run and need a large facility in the house. The cost of lithographic printing and considerable energy used in this rolling process makes it difficult for the small customer. It creates a diminishes in the market for small and medium printing houses. Where in the digital market is less expansive and does not require a loss of space for work. Images can be printed just by the printer.
  • Along with the down in the popularity of lithographic printing, the skilled lithographic printing press exists. Digital printing provides printed words and graphics at high speed. The cost and maintenance of lithographic printing are very high as compare to digital printing.
  • New age customers are hiring their own in house desktop publishers and graphic designers. It helps to increase the short-run business. Today camera-ready copy can be generated at the customer location and quickly uploaded to the customer printing facility. 


These points clearly show that digital printing is more trendy than lithographic printing and provides lots of benefits to the people.

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