What is the good thing about being up to date with the latest technological advancements? This is the price of knowing what must be known to the present generation where technology and communication are usually related to each other. This is the price of getting information that might have a little knowledge about especially when you want to put your genius side on the show. And it is the price just by knowing that you know it.

You may have 2G (second generation) technology or maybe 3G technology (third generation). Maybe you still hold it in your palm right now. But they have passed the FAD stage and a kind of old technology and recently used for internet purposes. People don’t know how to be satisfied; They always want the latest breakthrough. 3G technology is made when observed that 2G capacity in terms of speed and reliability is never enough. Then 3G technology opens a new promise to the world in connection with the use of the internet. Somehow the enhanced features, 3G has benefited many users throughout the world. But because people continue to demand change and development, they feel the need to change innovations that are far greater than those that occur with 2G and 3G. At this time when there is a big need for the internet, 3G can no longer bring the challenges left for it such as large speeds, good quality networks, reliability, and more. In this case, new innovations in technology are currently being developed to become the heir of 3G technology and meet public expectations. This is 4G technology.

4G is defined as the fourth generation to cause total transformation to wireless communication. This provides a broad and safe IP (internet protocol) solution. Users are expected to benefit from streaming, video, sound transmission and high-quality data, higher bandwidth and many other facilities will be available which exceeds what has been experienced with 2G and 3G.

Because 4G technology features, speed is the most important. It is able to provide a maximum 1Gbps users when the user is stationary and 100Mbps when the user is active and moving. It is also known that because specifically made to benefit users, connections and 4G networks will be sustainable and nonstop, efficient and steadfast. Greater degree with 4G technology is very much for those who are smart internet and very tend to explore the web.

In the near future, it is hoped that the launch of this new technology will be a full explosion. It is likely to flood the market with demands of all users around the world who want to feel the transformation of the new internet above all. 4G technology will cancel the world with special features and progress.

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