Connect Your Whole LAN to the web having a Single Ip Simply and Safely.

If you wish to connect a lan (LAN) inside your office to the web today, you have many options to select from. The easiest is to find a little stand-alone router or gateway. These units are affordable, reliable and mostly plug-and-play. Knowing what you are doing, you are able to configure a router and network in under an hour or so. However, this may not be your very best choice.

You will find major reasons why a router isn’t the best answer. How secure does your computer data have to be? Do you want (or would really like) to understand just how much Internet traffic all of your Computers consumes? Have you got priority traffic that has to cope with? Have you got employees that could be online for purposes apart from work?

An easy hardware gateway won’t satisfy these conditions. You can invest a lot of money for any sophisticated device that will satisfy a few of these but still do not have the optimum solution.

An alternative choice to costly hardware is establishing a dedicated computer to manage Access to the internet and connectivity. Within this situation, your decision is economically restricted to 1 of 2 platforms: *nix or Home windows. While *nix (Unix, Linux, FreeBSD, etc) is technically terrific to complete the job, it’s not as economical inside a typical company with numerous Home windows Computers. A *nix system bears an essential drawback: you’ll either need to employ a system administrator to handle it, or perhaps be not able to fine-tune Access to the internet and also risk network failure.

Utilizing a dedicated Home windows PC to manage the way your LAN users connect to the Internet may be the only remaining choice.

While Home windows itself supplies a limited group of fundamental connectivity features, you will have to purchase and hang up dedicated gateway server software to make use of advanced features. UserGate 4.1 by Entensys is really a proxy server for Home windows that isn’t just the simplest gateway server to configure and employ, but additionally has all of the advanced features your organization may need.

There’s two ways UserGate can share a web connection among your LAN users. One of the ways would be to configure it as being a gateway, much like stand-alone hardware routers. UserGate supports NAT and port mapping to be able to share just one Ip between multiple LAN users. Using NAT requires no additional configuration on client computers, and it is the quickest way to setup Access to the internet.

If you would like more complex features for example caching your online connections, you are able to generate a User Gate Proxy Server. The proxy server instantly caches the net sources your LAN users access most frequently, saving significant Internet bandwidth and seriously growing access speeds.

There’s not a way for the LAN users to bypass UserGate to gain access to the web, so that you can create effective rules to manage user use of certain sources or protocols.

You may also setup content filtering to bar undesirable Internet sites, sources, or specific file extensions (for example MP3 music).

Your LAN is definitely protected against exterior attacks by UserGate’s built-in firewall. The built-in anti-virus rapidly scans all Internet visitors to safeguard your network from spy ware, infections and malware.

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