Where should I procure my vape supplies? This is the question any amateur online shopper asks when trying to do their own personal research. You need to understand that shopping from authentic sites protects you from buying fake mods that can be toxic to your health. Battery maintenance is one of the important aspects for anyone to consider provided they own an eliquid especially the one with external batteries rather than the inbuilt ones. To protect them from deteriorating or failing to work, you should adhere to the following care tips while also increasing their durability.

Use the correct charger always

Many vapes you will find in the market today are rechargeable. They will therefore be shipped to you with the right charger and batteries once you are done with the purchase. Despite knowing the repercussions, many mod owners would prefer to share a charger which is probably the number one cause for damaged mod batteries. When your charger is spoilt, look up various stores online to find the right replacement. You cannot afford to use any random charger for your device if at all you care about it.

Looking to replace the batteries?

The same way you need to use an authentic charger for your device is the same technique you should apply when buying mod batteries. Many sellers in the market will claim to be legit dealers however the number of fake batteries in the system may cause you to have a mind full of doubts. Fake batteries can explode easily besides having questionable efficiency. Buy original batteries for your vape today just in case the old ones get worn old, spoilt or lost. The cost of new original batteries may be slightly higher but the benefits are always worth it.

Use safe casing to carry external batteries

There are containers that you will be given by your dealer to use for carrying mod batteries in the event they come separate from the vape itself. This due to variations in designs of the mods being produced today, some have inbuilt battery systems while others need you to find carrying containers to use because they are external. Moving with them around in your pocket can be risky to your well-being and their safety too. Sensitivity of these batteries may make them explode supposing they come into contact with items in your pocket for example metallic objects like keys.

You should not overcharge your device

There are time limits to how long a vape device be left on a charger. The capacity of the battery varies depending on the mode in which it is being used at. Ignorance and negligence when charging your battery can lead to its spoilage. The battery can only accommodate up to a certain amount of charge and leaving to charge for the entire night means it gains more charge than it needs or can hold. It therefore becomes inefficient progressively the more you persist on this behavior.

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