When you want your website to be found online by prospective customers, you will need an effective marketing strategy. To the layman, digital marketing can be confusing with acronyms such as PPC (pay per click), SEO (search engine optimisation), and SEM (search engine marketing). However, you will need to combine the digital marketing techniques to get the best results for your website, rather than thinking it is a question of SEO vs SEM. Below are the differences between these marketing techniques so you can formulate an effective marketing strategy and get your website found online.

Search Engine Optimisation

When you do search engine optimisation to your website, you strengthen the signals it sends to the search engines. These signals tell them what the site is all about and what you do so that they can rank it, so it shows in the SERPs. You will need to identify the keywords most suitable for your business and ensure these appear on the website in relevant places, such as Page Titles, H1 Headers, and within the content on the site. There are many onsite factors that you can change to strengthen the SEO of your website, and these can make a significant difference to the online visibility of your site.

Search Engine Marketing

Whereas SEO talks about a specific technique to rank your website, SEO encompasses various methods and is a collective term you can use for digital marketing. When you take about SEM, it can include SEO, PPC, content marketing, and other techniques to boost the visibility of your website. Any method that can promote a website to help you increase sales can be classed as SEM. You can use various SEM techniques in your digital marketing campaign, and when done well, it can be highly successful for your business and show you an excellent return on your investment.

Get Help With Your Marketing

Whatever technique you plan to use to promote your website and help you increase sales, and it is often best to get assistance from a reputable digital marketing agency. Digital marketing can be highly technical and encompasses many different skills. Many companies do not have the skills in-house to do this themselves, so they outsource it to a reputable agency. When you use the services of a quality digital agency, no matter what marketing technique you use, you can help to boost your business and make it the success of your dreams.

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