If you’re playing at home, the key to beating a blackjack game is to keep the stakes as small as possible. It’s all about winning back lost money faster than you lose it. We might sound cynical here, but we actually don’t mind if you gamble for entertainment and have fun – so long as that’s the only reason why you play. Use mamasboyct.com to play online!

And in a way, it doesn’t matter how much experience of real-life casinos (or online versions of them) you’ve got or how much skill with mathematics and logic that makes any difference either.

Sure, the more familiar and adept you are with those things, the easier it will be for someone to have the edge over others – especially in a casino environment where the odds are stacked in favor of the house. But it’s not an impossible game for us to beat if we’re on a budget. Here’s how…

Meagre start

Start with $20 – or whatever it takes to get a few hands of blackjack over as quickly as possible and play like you have a little more money than that, really. It might sound counterintuitive, but by playing at higher stakes, you can give yourself better odds by increasing your bet size as well.

Larger bets

Higher-stakes games offer better odds because they usually follow some tiered structure where there’s no maximum ceiling for betting limits and minimums after which play is restricted, rather than flat tables without variation – so larger bets make less difference in getting additional returns on investment.

Playing from home

If you’re playing at home, download a free blackjack game and use it to practice what you’ve learned – that way, you can practice without losing cash and testing out different strategies and stakes until you find which works best for you.

Another advantage of learning computer games is that they make things simpler – card counting becomes simple with the program, so we don’t have to worry about keeping track when all we need to do is remember what’s been dealt already. We also know exactly when each hand ends and how much return on investment we’ll get just by sitting back and clicking on ‘deal’.

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