If someone special to you is graduating, it is time for celebration and good wishes. A graduation card is a traditional way of congratulating the graduate and remains effective today. Whether you are together or apart, you can’t miss out on sending a graduation card. First of all, you have to find the best design and format, and Mixbook can help you with professionally designed, custom graduation cards that meet your needs. You can choose to type or handwrite the card, but what are you going to write? There are so many congratulatory messages to choose from, and here is how to go about it.

Recognize the Achievements

Graduation is a milestone that your loved one has made in life and it is worth recognizing what they have achieved. Whether a certificate, diploma, degree, or whatever new professional title they have earned, you ought to include some warm, considerate words in the card to recognize their hard work. If you know their education journey, remind them where they have come from and show them the feat they have accomplished by graduating.

Talk About the Future

Graduating takes your dear one to another phase of life. As you congratulate them for making it this far and achieving, it is also time to look forward to the future. In your message, you can offer some advice for the next chapter opened by graduation. Let it be a piece to help them navigate through the journey they are about to embark on.

Share a Memory

Whatever relationship you have with the graduate, you shared that particular time, and it impacted your life. Adding this to the card can mean a lot and make them cherish the card forever. The moment can be small but significant, and sharing it also provides a sweet way to recall the old days.

Talk About Attending the Graduation

If you have been invited to the ceremony or the graduation party, you can use your card to send a reply. If you will make it to the ceremony, the party, or both, let the graduate know how delighted you are to be with them. If, for whatever reason, you are not going to make it, let them know how proud you are for them, and you would have wished to be with them. Acknowledge how excited you are to see them next, and if you can make it to one event, you can specify. This will make your presence felt even in your absence, as the graduate will know you are with them in spirit.

Special Messages

If your relationship with the graduate is unique, it would be best to make your message memorable and unique. For the parents, uniquely address your child to express how you are proud of their success. For the siblings, let the graduate understand how much their success means to you and how it has inspired you if you are yet to reach that level. If you are their best friend, there is so much to include on the card to help your friend understand how you adore them and are happy for their success. In general, let your relationship inspire your message with the graduate.

Let these tips guide you as you think about what to write on your card. Meanwhile, go for the best design and format at Mixbook and customize your card to stand out from the crowd.

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