A picture is known to get you more impressions and attention on social media and also gets you a lot of shares and likes too. They work better than the wordy posts you create. For this, you have to be very creative and crafty and keep the ongoing trends and your audience in mind.

If you own a small-scale business, you must be knowing the importance of using an image for your social media posts. There is so much you can do to create an eye-catching post on social media image without hiring a designer to work for you or learning Photoshop. People create all sorts of images for their blogs and social media accounts using a few tools that are easily available for smartphone users and other devices. Many tools can help you use simple drag-and-drop options and create a cool background from the scratch and even get you a cool background. You can take inspiration using Spectrum Internet services. Spectrum is known to provide users with the best prices for Internet, Cable TV and Home Phone services. Spectrum’s Cable TV services are also very popular for the vast Spectrum Silver Channel list that gets you the best movies and shows for you and your family. For now, let’s have a look at the best tips to create an attractive Facebook post using images:

Know Your Audience

When you are creating a Facebook post for your social media page, make sure to conduct thorough research about the things that your audience might like to watch and also things that they might get offended with. This will make things easier for you when you will be brainstorming ideas and then put your research to good use. Also, this will help you set the theme and mood of your page as well.

The Platform You Are Using For Your Business

The social media platform that you are using for social media marketing. This includes adapting to your visual strategy needed to make your social efforts more profitable. Apart from that, you must understand that every social media platform has its own terms and dimensions and picture quality standards.

The Time You Choose Matters

Your Timing when you post your visuals on social media is very critical as well. One of the best practices to do so is during peak hours. Think about creating and posting ahead of time but make sure that you are posting at the right time as this is going to get you the visibility that you want. Also, this is helpful if you want to manage your budget and the content calendar.

Keep Your Subject Clear

It is one of the best practices if you are looking for a way to make the most of your social media efforts, it is best to be very clear about your subject and whatever you are trying to portray using your image. Try not to deviate from your business profile and your products and services.

Make Sure You Understand Image Copyrights

If you need to source images then make sure you know a thing or two about copyrights and related issues. It is very important to know this as there are serious consequences that you might have to face if you misuse an image. It is okay to take inspiration from a picture or a photographer, but using someone else’s work might get you in serious legal problems. Look at things mentioned in terms and conditions to use different templates, stock images and illustrations and if anything is not clear to you, then you can inquire about this with the owner of the image.

Choose The Right Size and Specs

One of the mistakes one can make while creating images for social media is to select the wrong size for your social media images. You can stretch or crop an image that has a wrong aspect ratio or a low

resolution and this does not portray a good image of your social media efforts. You must keep in mind that every social media platform has its own image requirements. For this, you have to make sure that you have the highest image quality including pixels and resolution. Also, the aspect ratio of the image is very important as many social platforms automatically crop the image previews depending on the aspect ratio and if your aspect ratio is different, then you might not be able to get a good image for your post and will leave important details chopped out from the main post.

In the end, one can say that there are so many things that you can have a look at when you are working with images and other visual content for your social media pages. You can learn a few tricks using different blogs and from gurus of social media marketing

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