When your confidence has increased, and you are looking to up your DIK skills and tackle a plastering job in your home, you will want to ensure you are prepared for the task. You should watch some tutorial videos on YouTube and other platforms to learn the tips and tricks of plastering and also ensure you have all the tools and materials you will require to complete the task. The more time you take to plan and learn everything you can about plastering, the better you can do the job and ensure your walls are smooth and level once you are done. Below are some tips to help you get prepared for the task, so your plastered walls will look fantastic when you finish.

Working Out What You Will Need

You will need to determine what tools, equipment, and materials you need to complete your plastering job. One of the first things you will need to look at is the plaster you will use, and you must look at all the available options and select the one you think will be best for the walls of your property. You must create a shopping list of everything you need to finish the job to a high standard.

Some of the various tools and equipment you will need will include the following:

  • A Finishing, Window, & Bucket Trowel
  • Mortar Stand
  • Mixing Bucket
  • Plasterers Hawk
  • Plasterers Float
  • Scarifier
  • Snips

Once you have created a list of everything you need for your plastering job, you can start looking at the best options to get everything before beginning the work.

Sourcing Everything You Need

You will want to invest in quality equipment if you buy everything you need, and NELA plastering tools are a reputable brand you can look for when shopping. There are various places where you can purchase the things you require, but there are alternatives if you do not want to invest in tools you will only use once. You can consider borrowing the tools you need if someone you know has them, and another cost-effective option is renting everything you need. Renting the tools allows you to get the best quality ones for the job and get some instructions on how to use them correctly. You pay for the tools for as long as you have them, and they will rent things for as short a time as half a day.

Getting Ready To Begin

You will want to clear the room you will be working on and remove any furniture that might get in your way. You may also want to cover the floor to stop you from marking it should you spill any plaster. You will also need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions precisely when mixing the plaster mixture, measuring the correct quantity of ingredients, and mixing it till it is smooth. Ensure you have watched plenty of videos on plastering, and you can start doing the job, doing one small area at a time. Take your time and do not rush, and you can do a passable job of plastering for your first attempt and let your DIY skills save you a fortune on plastering your property.

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