Sycor Technology, which was established in 1981, is a custom wire manufacturer that is based in Mississauga, Ontario. It also has an extensive inventory of wire, cable and related products, but, in many cases, its clients have needs that cannot be met by those. As a result, Sycor’s specialists regularly create custom wire that fits those needs and has been doing so for decades.

Solar Energy

Sycor also excels as a custom cable manufacturer for solar energy applications. This is another area in which the needs are often unique and cannot be met by what Sycor already has, but it ensures that those needs are taken care of through custom cable and wire. As a result, Sycor’s cabling has been used in solar projects throughout the world.

High-Temperature Wire and Cable

Grueling high-heat applications are also ones that Sycor’s wire and cable are designed to withstand. In fact, its high-temperature wire can handle temperatures ranging from 90 degrees Celsius up to and, in some cases, beyond 450 degrees Celsius. These types of wire and cable are used for cooking equipment, industrial ovens and aerospace applications. They are also available in various configurations.

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