Every day we hear a new technology trend that damages our minds and forces us to think – how can it be this? And slowly and gradually with the interval we adapt to technology to make it a part of our daily lives. Yes, one technology trend as you might be really stupid until now but that will definitely be part of your daily life at the coming moment is 3D printing – the new technology that I like the most.

3D printing is also known as additive manufacture. In a simpler term, it is a process where real objects can be made from 3D designs. It was done by placing a sequential layer in various forms. Even though this technology might sound a little too futuristic but with many 3D cellphone printers that are anticipated launched in mid-2014, all your ideas turned into real objects not too far away.

Does 3D print future needs?
At present, 3D printers are generally slow, and the components they use are expensive and inconsistent. But with the progress of the industry, the assembly line can be reduced and the supply chain can be shortened. Also printing requests can remove warehouse needs for many companies for the most part. Reducing delivery and knocking down waste and conventional subtractive manufacturing pollution can be an environmental gift.

Some examples of this 3D printing will really be bound to attract your attention:

1. Create pharmaceutical drugs – with patients can print their recipes, revolutionary changes in the pharmaceutical industry are destined to occur. Yes, tailored to the different needs of individuals, 3D printing technology can allow you to print your pharmacy at home. “In the future, we will not sell drugs, but blueprints or applications,” Lee Cronin said, a chemist from Glasgow University.

2. Print your own clothes – The printer is getting closer to produce materials such as fabric that are great, using interrelated structures to make knitted and stitches. This might have an impact on the fashion industry in the future.

3. Print food – When you think that you have heard everything when it comes to 3D printing operations that are pretty crazy, think again! 3D printers will combine powder to produce food. 3D printing is functioning well enough when it comes to making chocolate, so who knows what next?

4. Space Exploration – with NASA investing in 3D food printers for Mars mission, food for astronauts can also be made quickly. It also makes 3D printing technology that promises for the mission of the front room.

Although some examples of 3D printing at this time may seem a little out of the usual, the method adds a number of ingredients to make products in a very cost-effective way. Although most 3D printing applications are still very much at the prototype stage today but the ability to produce your preferred drug or food through your own 3D printer is not too far away.

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