If you’re a business owner considering an office refurbishment, you have a valuable opportunity to create an improved working environment for you and your workforce. A modern, aesthetically pleasing, well-functioning office premises is essential for any growing company. By correctly completing this project, you can unlock crucial benefits that will impact all areas of your business and give your company a welcome boost. One increasingly important factor in modern well-designed offices is the maximisation of natural light and its advantageous effects on staff.

Improving The Natural Light

An increasing amount of work-based case studies are finding that exposure to reasonable levels of natural light in the office impacts many areas of staff mental health. Team members sleep better, are healthier, and are happier when working in an environment with good natural lighting, making them more focused and productive. Other less well-known benefits can include decreases in utility bills and increases in property values as a by-product of improving the natural light. One excellent way of maximising the natural light in any office is by using a glass partitioning system; they can be fixed or movable glass walls that can effectively divide up the floor space while allowing the natural light to flow through the area. Let’s investigate the different glass partition types available when planning a workplace refurbishment.

Type Of Glass Partitions

As a relatively inexpensive manufacturing material, glass is an excellent choice for both simple and complex designs; options exist for every budget and are a popular medium to create elegant, aesthetically pleasing offices, the different types of partition include –

  • Single glazed partitions – a low-cost solution to any space division problem, have effective acoustic performance up to 33Db.
  • Double glazed partitions are used for additional privacy when improved sound performance is required.
  • Acoustic glazed partitions are a high-end acoustic product when sound levels are an important factor, available in single and double glazing.
  • Demountable glazed partitions are a flexible semi-permanent option for situations where demands may change, is easily uninstalled, and moved to another area.
  • Fire-rated partitions – uses upgraded safety glass to protect areas such as storage areas and evacuation routes.
  • Curved glass partitions – the ultimate in glazed partitions, used to create impressive feature walls in sophisticated modern offices.

The possibilities of using glass partitions are endless; from single glass walls using existing walls to a fully stand-alone four-sided meeting room, they are adaptable to any workplace.


When using glass partitions in an office environment, some addition must be affixed to the glass by law to avoid injuries caused by people walking into the wall. This addition takes the form of a graphically designed plastic film; this is a further aesthetic opportunity available to you; you might choose to highlight your company logo or create a design that boosts your corporate brand.

If you are considering an office refurbishment, glazed partitions are a superb way to transform your premises into a valuable component of your growing business; take a look at them without delay.

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