There’s nothing called a “Perfect Website”. However, a good developer can make a big difference to the entire project. If you are rebuilding your business portal from the scratch, there are a few aspects that must be considered. In this post, we have 7 questions that you must ask, before you choose a web developer.

  • Do you understand web standards, and do you follow them? Web standards are a few general protocols that most developers follow for the design and coding, which helps in keeping up with the trends and simplifies things for the customers/website visitors.
  • Who are your clients? A good company will never shy away from talking about their clients. Website development is all about experience, and to know a developer better, you have to see their work, and as required, you can also ask for client references, which will come handy in comparing the necessary aspects.
  • Will you offer an estimate? It may sound surprising, but there are companies that do not offer quotes for the job. As a client, you need to have a complete estimate of the project, with a list of inclusions and exclusions, which are defined in the scope of work.

  • Do you offer free technical support? In most cases, you can expect two to three months of free support, after the website has been launched, but the terms and conditions may vary. However, you should ask this question, especially if you have a big website that’s managed by your in-house inexperienced team.
  • What’s your specialization? Websites are varied and can differ in many ways. A simple online selling portal can be designed on many platforms such as Magento and WordPress. Talk to the developer about their area of expertise and the number or projects done so far.

  • What are the general features of your websites? Well, there’s a long list of things that you can expect, such as cross browser functionality, responsive design, SEO-friendly theme and so on. You need to understand why their work is better than others.
  • Do you deal in other things? Many web development firms also specialize in SEO and internet marketing, and if they do, it can be a big plus. For a simple website, you wouldn’t want to hire two different companies, which will only increase the task of management and supervision.

Check online now and find a few services now!

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